Existing Competencies in the Teaching of Ethics in Computer Science Faculties – Research Report –

Information technology has penetrated every facet of modern life. The use of technology has spurred the creation of new behaviors in individuals, in groups and in organizations. Social behaviors seem to be particularly affected. This leads to some important questions: what is the social and ethical impact, if any, of the extensive use of IT? Should Higher Education Institutes take on the responsibility of educating their students about it with the intention of creating beneficial information systems for society?

Our research report combines results from a survey conducted as part of the Ethics4EU project in 2020 on teaching practices for digital ethics across Europe with a survey conducted by Informatics Europe in 2019 on requirements for the instruction of digital ethics at European Universities.  The report summarises existing practices and outlines possible approaches for developing the future curricula of ethics in Computer Science programs.

Read and download the report below!

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