European Values for Ethics in Technology – Research Report –

Digital ethics deals with the impact of digital Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) on our societies and the environment at large. It covers a wide spectrum of societal impacts including issues such as data governance, privacy and personal data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), algorithmic decision-making and pervasive technologies. Our research report on European Values for Ethics in Technology is presented in two parts:

  1. A literature review on pertinent digital ethics concerns and challenges for an increasingly interconnected ICT world. The list of key ethical concerns was created in consultation with the Good Technology Collective, a global council of ethics experts.
  2. The presentation of the results of focus groups conducted with three key groups of stakeholders – academics, industry specialists, and citizens – which captured their concerns with regards to ethics and ICT.

The report contains a number of guidelines (extracted from both literature and sessions with stakeholders) that will drive key objectives of the Ethics4EU project and clarify those key digital ethics topics for which we will create curricula and learning materials for teaching digital ethics.

The report will be shortly be available on this page for reading and download, in the meanwhile you can take a look at the Executive Summary and Table of Contents below!