European Conference on Digital Footprint

Brendan Tierney (TU Dublin), Gianluca Coppola (DLearn), Damian Gordon (TU Dublin)

On the 24th October, our team members Gianluca Coppola (DLearn), Brendan Tierney and Damian Gordon (TU Dublin) participated to the European Conference on Digital Footprint in Brussels.

The conference was co-organised by the Lifelong Learning Platform, the European Digital Learning Network (DLearn) and the DIGIT project partner.

The aim of the conference was to discuss on What is role for education in teaching safe and responsible behaviour online?

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Damian Gordon and Brendan Tierney (TU Dublin) during their intervention on the Ethical implications of data management
Antonella Tozzi and Gianluca Coppola (DLearn)