Data Ethics Book coming in August 2020!


Two researchers on the Ethics4EU project, Brendan Tierney (TU Dublin) and Damian Gordon (TU Dublin) have contributed chapters to an upcoming book “97 Things about Ethics Everyone in Data Science Should Know” from O’Reilly Media which will be released in August 2020.

The book is part of a larger series O’Reilly Media does called “97 Things”, each of which contains 97 chapters from a variety of authors on a given topic. This book is a collection designed to represent a wide range of voices and ideas from leading practitioners (industry and academia), from around the world, who have a clear point of view on some aspect of the ethical issues surrounding the field of data science.

The key themes of the book include:

  • What types of data science initiatives can be ethically undertaken
  • How to determine what data can be ethically utilized
  • Monitoring and maintenance needed to ensure a process’s ongoing ethical state
  • How to ensure that the results of a data science initiative are used ethically
  • What policies and procedures are needed to support all of the above

This book helps data professionals, managers, and tech leaders learn powerful, real-world best practices and get a better understanding for data ethics. It provides you with the things you need to know for ethically collecting, managing, and using data.

The book is edited by Bill Franks (the Chief Analytics Officer for ​The International Institute For Analytics) whose website is here:

It is available for order on and on