Autonomous Cars Lesson


This brick is concerned with autonomous cars ethics. It is introduced with a lecture (ppt & mp4).

  • The computing learning objective is to understand how requirements are defined so that the autonomous vehicles fulfill nonfunctional requirements of ethics and social sustainability.
  • The ethical learning objectives are to understand the role of technical and social/individual ethical issues of autonomous vehicles.
  • Technical requirements involve safety, security, privacy, transparency, algorithmic fairness, reliability, environmental sustainability, intelligent behavior control, trans-disciplinary-systemic approach, and quality.
  • Social/individual requirements include non-maleficence, stakeholder involvement, beneficence, responsibility and accountability, freedom and autonomy, social sustainability, social fairness, dignity and solidarity, social trust, justice, legislation, standards, norms, policies and guidelines.
  • The transverse learning objectives are connecting knowledge and insights from the technical and the social domain.

You can find more material here.

Additional Material
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