Digital Ethics: Can we do better? – Workshop

On the 15th of June, Institut Mines-Télécom/Télécom SudParis will host an online workshop on Digital Ethics.

The programme is yet to be confirmed, but will include presentations from researchers, teachers, journalists, politicians and industry professionals to discuss the topic “Can we do better in Digital Ethics?

The workshop will also include a poster presentation by students from different European Universities.

The link for registering to the event will soon be available at this page!


If you’re working in Higher Education, either as a lecturer, professor, researcher, or PhD student, and have an interest in Digital Ethics, this event is for you! If you are thinking of introducing Digital Ethics lectures in your modules/courses, this event will give you insights on how to do it in a pragmatic, case study based way

The workshop might also be of interest to students in Computer Science Faculties that feel Digital Ethics should be introduced in their courses or that wish to understand its importance.




If you are an undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate student, you are invited to submit a poster under the broad theme of “Digital Ethics: can we do better?”.

Download the competition rules